Organizing Coupons 101

This is a step by step guide to help you organize your coupons using the binder system. A binder that zips closed is your best bet so when you carry it to and from the store, coupons don’t fall out.  Whether you get one or several copies of the Sunday paper, this system will help you to increase your grocery savings. This is the method that I currently use, which has evolved over the last year. Your system may change too. It will take some time to learn what works best for your situation. No one method works for everyone, this is merely a guide to help you get started on your road to successful savings!

The purpose of filing coupons in baseball card sleeves, rather than a small accordion file, is to be able to clearly see what the coupon product is, the dollar value and the expiration date. Next, arranging your binder by category will help you easily locate specific coupons. Further, arranging each category within your binder to follow the order of the aisles in your favorite store will make shopping a breeze!

It is recommended that you purchase multiple copies of the Sunday paper. A general guideline is to purchase one paper for each member of your household. I buy 6 newspapers and we have 5 people in our household. I rounded up to an even number for the purpose of matching our grocery store gas deals. If we buy 6 of an item, we receive an extra $.20 off per gallon of gas.

So, now that you have all of these coupon inserts, how do you manage them? Here is your step by step guide to keeping them all organized!

Step 1:

Tear apart each insert down the center and stack like pages together.  Be careful not to rip through any coupons or bar codes.

Step 2:

Collect each group of like pages and make one large stack.  Alternate the direction between different pages in order to make it easier to pull them and clip.

Step 3:

Gather the group of same pages and carefully cut out the coupons, front and back sides.  Before cutting, you may choose to staple the pages together to keep them from sliding around while you are cutting.  **Be sure you do not cut off any part of the expiration date or bar code or your coupon will be rejected!!

Step 4:

After the coupons are clipped, place them into their categories.  I have created a sorting board with the categories written in each space.  The categories on the board follow the same order as the coupon binder.  This prevents unnecessary flipping back and forth through the binder as you file the coupons away.

Here is a list of categories:
Produce                                                           Deli
PB&J                                                                Condiments
Breads                                                             Candy
Can Fruit                                                        Salty Snacks
Juice Jello – Pudding                                  Can Meat & Fish International
Water & Soda                                               Chips – Crackers – Cookies
Can Veggies                                                   Soup
Pasta                                                                Prepared Foods
Baking                                                             Breakfast
Granola – Fruit Snacks                               Coffee – Tea
Yogurt Refrigerated                                    Frozen Bags – Wraps
Paper Products                                             Office – Misc
Pet                                                                    Laundry
Surface Cleaners                                          Air Fresheners
Dish Soap                                                       Beauty – Face
Soap – Body Wash                                        Lotion
Hair Care                                                        Pain – Cold – Allergy
Vitamins                                                         First Aid
Oral Care                                                        Feminine Care
Eye Care                                                         Shaving – Deodorant

Step 5:

Place coupons into the pages of your binder!

You may want to keep brands together on one page within a category.  An example of this is in the cereal category.  Keep General Mills coupons together and Kellogg’s on a different page.  Sorting brands together expedites the process of matching coupons to specific sale items.

Be sure to include your name and phone number in your binder so if it is lost, it can be easily returned to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I’d also love to hear if you have implemented this system as a result of this article!

Happy Shopping!



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  1. What a great idea and thank you so much for sharing!

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