An Often Overlooked Source for Coupons ~ Store Newsletters

Next time you are in Giant, don’t just breeze past their Healthy Ideas Newsletter!  These publications are often an overlooked source for coupons! They are found at the front of the store, either by the service desk or in a carousel rack with other store sale information, like their ad.  I’ll have to admit, this newsletter was in my grocery bag and I almost threw it away.  But, then I thought, “I wonder if there are any coupons inside?”  Sure enough!

This particular Spring 2011 issue shown above has around $6.50 worth of coupons inside.  Coupons for products such as: Dreamfields Pasta, Wholly Guac products, Just Juice, Nature’s Bounty Vitamins, Allegra, Cortizone-10, and Icy Hot (this will come in handy if we ever get some nice weather to work in the yard!)

Now, just because the coupons have GIANT’s logo on them doesn’t mean you can only use those coupons at Giant.  If a coupon is titled “Manufacturer’s Coupon” across the top, you can use the coupon at any store.  This applies to the catalinas, or coupons printed at the registers after purchase, as well.

So, next time you hit your local grocery store, take a moment to scope out some extra savings in those often ignored store publications!


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