List of Companies that Mail Coupons

Did you know that if you take a few minutes to sit down and email manufacturers, they will often mail you coupons? Companies want to hear if you like or dislike their products.  This is a great way to save on your favorite products!

I have compiled the below list of companies that I have written to and have successfully received coupons.

Click on a brand name in the list below to access the Contact Us page for each company.  Write a nice note to the company stating what you enjoy about their product and that you would appreciate it if they would share coupons with you so your family can continue to enjoy their products.  Once you complete your address and email information, they will email you and most likely snail mail you coupons!

Enjoy, and be sure to share other companies that you have had success receiving coupons from!


One response to “List of Companies that Mail Coupons

  1. i would like to receive any coupons avaubaile for produts we are a large family on a tight budget and this would be very helpfull

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