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USA Weekend Cover Story 7/31/11      


Check out the USA Weekend cover story in your local Sunday paper on 7/31/11!     Here is a link to the video shoot about couponing!

The interview opportunity with USA Weekend has truly been an experience of a lifetime!  I am so thrilled they selected me to share my coupon knowledge!  I hope I can inspire others to become in control of what they are spending!


Welcome!  I am based out of the Harrisburg area (through 8/17/11) and have been couponing since 2010.  Prior to this, I had never used a coupon.  Now I can’t imagine shopping without them!  Before using coupons, I could easily spend between $200 – $300 per week on groceries.  Now I average around $90/week for my family of 5.

As of July 28, 2011, I have saved $5,600 or almost 70%.  I spent about $2,800.  My purchases have included fresh seafood, produce and meat, along with drug store items.

I don’t consider myself an “Extreme Couponer”.  I truly believe in keeping it real.  My savings reflect an achievable balance of healthy foods and time investment.

In 2010 I saved $2,400 (22%) in coupon face value alone. Combining coupons with store sales items saved me $4,900 (45%).  This information includes purchases for produce, milk, meat and seafood – not just coupon items!

I am excited to share my acquired knowledge of coupons and savings with you!  Join me on Facebook (Making Cents Together) and be sure to sign up  to receive my blog updates as well!  I want to help you learn how to get huge savings this year!

I have taught coupon classes in the Perry County, PA area.  Soon I will be available in the Pittsburgh/Greensburg area due to an upcoming relocation.

I believe that we can all Make Cents Together by sharing our deals and learning from each other!  This is an exciting journey!

Feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions or suggestions about coupons and ways to save BIG!

~Allison Mullen
Facebook: Making Cents Together


One response to “About Me

  1. Hi Allison,

    I am the publisher of The Sentinel in Lewistown. Wow! I had no idea
    we had such a celebrity so close to us!!! Would you be willing to do a coupon class in the Lewistown area? Would you be willing to talk about
    writing a column?

    Please let me know!

    Ruth Eddy

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