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My February Savings = 74%

We are a family of 5, with three under age 9. Here is what I tracked for our savings in February:

Spent $312.
Saved $891 or 74%

These figures include produce, seafood, milk, health and beauty, dog treats and general grocery items.

I am willing to share my spreadsheet savings tracker file with anyone who needs one already made up!

It was a great month for savings, I owe a lot of it to Rite Aid!

Here is a list of everything that I bought that is included in the above figures (This is a very rough list, I just pulled the raw data from my spreadsheet.  It doesn’t look pretty, but it gives a good idea of where our money went):

Lipton Recipe Secrets, Knorr Sides, produce, Wishbone dressing, Holsum bread
Kraft (2)singles, (4)cream cheese,(6) shredded cheese
Snyder tortillas, Hormel pepperoni, Furmano pizza sauce, Glad Forceflex
Stayfree pads, Spic & Span cleaning coths
baby carrots, super pretzel, grape tomatoes, cantaloupe
Harts crunch & clean biscuits, Stayfree pads, Afrin
Knorr sides, flour, apples, kraft singles, cream cheese, A1, Redi Whip, milk
Deer Park Aquapods
Chex Mix
Rice Krispies, Halls,BC cookie mix, Mentos, Tide
Coldcalm adult & child, Chestal, Oscillococcinum, Mini Drops
El Paso taco seasoning, McCormick Taco seasoning, Starbucks coffee
Honey Maid grahams, KY, Uncle Bens rice, Cheese It
Colgate Total, Dove deodarant, Maalox
Palmers lip balm, Maalox, Acne Free sport stick, Finish Quantum, Oral B brushes, GE CFL
Yoplait Splitz, Yoplait Delight, Green Giant Just for One veggies, BC Cookie mix, NV granola
GM Cinn Cheerios, Plain cheerios, Cin Toast Crnch, Doritos, Pepsi Max,
Scottie tissues
Pedigree Dentastix, 4c tea, Sara Lee bread, strawberries, Sargento cheese, Halls, fresh salmon, capri sun, Oscar Mayer lunchmeat, Campbells tomato soup, produce
campbells soup, scotties tissue
Oreo, Theraflu, J&J cotton swabs
Sucrets, J&J shampoo, Desitin
dental floss
jet dry, dentyne pure 3 pk, ibuprofen, slimfast, marshmallows
Arm & Hammer laundry soap, clearance Duracell batteries
Nivea chapstick, Combos, BK chips
Combos, BK chips, TGIF chips
Satin care shave gel, UP floss, UP ibuprofen, Excedrin (bonus pack)